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Kennel Seed and Ag offers a powerhouse lineup of Pioneer® brand corn hybrids, soybean varieties, inoculants, sorghum, and more, all to help you achieve bigger yields in countless environments.

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Corn / Soybeans / Sorghum / Inoculants

We sell Pioneer brand seed because it’s been through one of the industry’s most stringent testing programs to help ensure superior performance in local conditions.

In addition, Pioneer brand inoculants can help you get the most out of your forage performance while improving fermentation, aerobic stability, and fiber digestibility.



Make the most of your forage crops with Pioneer® brand inoculants. Designed to maximize forage performance, our crop-specific inoculants improve fermentation, aerobic stability and fiber digestibility.

Leader Inoculants Products


Corn Silage Inoculant

Pioneer brand 11C33 corn silage inoculant contains a unique blend of patented and/or proprietary next-generation Lactobacillus buchneri and Lactobacillus plantarum strains. It is available as a water-soluble product in packaging suitable for use in tank mixes or with the Pioneer Appli-Pro® systems. It is also available as a free-flowing, granular formulation for easy and convenient application.

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